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Monthly Archives: August, 2018

Mold Remediation Dania Beach

Water Damage Claims in Miami: What’s Covered and What’s Not?

August 27th, 2018 Posted by South Florida, Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration, Water Mitigation, Water Restoration 0 thoughts on “Water Damage Claims in Miami: What’s Covered and What’s Not?”

When it’s your first run-in with water damage claims in Miami, you’re probably wondering what your policy covers, and what it does not. Unfortunately, policies can be a bit wordy and confusing to understand. It’s not surprising that most American’s struggle with grasping the coverage they have and what it all means. You can rest easy knowing that you’re not alone, and even find comfort in the fact that water damage is the most common cause of home insurance claims. Let’s discuss what homeowner’s insurance covers.  

Types of Water Damage Claims in Miami  

There are many types of water damage claims. A few examples include overflowing water, storm leaks, roofing leaks, pipe breaks, or water backups. If you’re experiencing a flooding situation, you’ll be surprised to know that flood damage has its own form of insurance that needs to be bought separately. In order for a water damage claim to be acceptable, the source will need identifying. Instantaneous disasters, such storm damage, certainly count if the roof has undergone frequent maintenance. However, if it only takes a few small gusts to rip a hole in your roof, an insurance company may decide you’ve not taken care of your property well enough.  Additionally, gradual damage may not get coverage. If a leak has been forming for some time without notice, the insurance company may decide it is negligence on your part.  

In summary, it’s crucial to have your property inspected twice a year to ensure that you’re keeping up with any possible leaks or risks. If you’re attempting to file water damage claims in Miami, save yourself the hassle and hire South Florida Water and Mold Restoration. Their team of attorneys and public adjusters can evaluate your case, and help you solidify your maximum settlement. They know that water damage repairs are expensive, and they also know that dealing with insurance companies can be difficult.  

Don’t let your maximum settlement pass you by. Instead, call on the experts with experience, knowledge, and determination. You’ll be thankful you saved yourself from stress and lost opportunity!  Call (954) 923-3340 for assistance from start to finish! You don’t have to go through this trying time alone.  

Water Restoration Dania Beach

Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional for Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Miami

August 5th, 2018 Posted by Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Mold Specialist, Professional Mold Removal, South Florida 0 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional for Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Miami”

Mold damage insurance claims in Miami are not uncommon, as South Florida has the perfect conditions for the substance to grow. Mold and mildew can completely take over a space, and quickly cost thousands of dollars in repairs. The invader is tricky to file a property damage claim for. Therefore, it’s best to hire a professional to ensure the claim processes smoothly.  

If your mold damage insurance claims in Miami have been denied, call South Florida Water and Mold Restoration for the settlement you deserve!

As mentioned, mold is complicated to file for. Insurance companies are looking for proof of the home’s condition, the cause, and whether or not the homeowner was negligent. Negligent home ownership essentially means that the house is not in the best shape or that it is their fault that mold is growing. Identifying the source of the mold is a job for the experts, as they can help the insurance company understand it is a property damage issue.  

Thankfully, companies like South Florida Water and Mold Restoration can help homeowners and business owners assess, document, and file damage. We can also help policyholders who have had their property damage claims denied. Denial can occur for a handful of reasons, and while insurance companies do their best to make accurate assessments, there are times when a rejection is uncalled for.  

South Florida Water and Mold Restoration is a team of attorneys, engineers, and public adjusters who work side by side with their clients to get to a desirable outcome. With all of their knowledge combined, they represent their clients with aggression and excellent care. They know that it’s complicated to file mold damage insurance claims in Miami, but with their help, anything is possible. If you’re considering filing a claim, don’t submit without South Florida Water and Mold Restoration. Sit back and relax while their professionals negotiate, evaluate, and settle your claim to the best of their ability. Today is the day you say goodbye to the stress of mold, and hello to the aid you deserve by calling South Florida Water and Mold Restoration at (954) 923-3340. 

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