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Water Damage Restoration Dania Beach

Do I Need Water Damage Restoration in Dania Beach?

January 17th, 2018 Posted by Dania Beach, Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Mold Specialist, News, Professional Mold Removal, Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration, Water Mitigation, Water Restoration 0 thoughts on “Do I Need Water Damage Restoration in Dania Beach?”

South Florida is notorious for moist climates, tropical rainfalls, and hurricanes, which can create water damage year in and year out. Floridians are no strangers to the damage our famous weather can have, and find themselves in needs of a water damage specialist frequently. Besides the weather, there are many other causes of water damage that may leave Florida residents calling for restorative help. Many individuals ignore the problems until they are monstrous issues, or try to fix the water damage themselves. However, at South Florida Water and Mold Restoration Inc., we know what signs point to hiring a specialist, and we understand the importance of getting the job done, and doing it right.

Call a Water Damage Restoration Professional Today!

We offer many different services, depending on your individual needs. First and foremost, it’s important to know what can cause water damage. Flooding from hurricanes is a serious risk, especially when you live near the water. Water damage can also occur from roofing leaks. This is especially bad as a South Florida resident, due to the many inches of rainfall the tropics can produce. If there’ a leak, your home will certainly have water damage, and if it’s small enough, chances are you won’t notice until it’s a significant issue. Another frequent cause is from leaking pipes. This can also be a surprise, especially if the pipes are located inside drywall. Broken or cracked pipes can result in horrible wall damage. We cannot stress enough how important it is to get a specialist out as soon as you notice the problem area. Because of Florida’s humid climate, mold can grow within 24 hours, and mold is an entirely new worry.

However, never fear! Our team is here to help. When water damage takes over, we offer services such as:

-Extraction of Water
-Structural Drying & Dehumidification
-Mold Inspection
-Antimicrobial Treatment
-Flood Restoration
-Odor & Stain Removal
-Intense water damages can cause your furniture and flooring to also become victims.

We specialize in cleaning and drying, bringing your belongings back to the way they were. Whenever a property owner notices water damage, it’s very important that they call immediately. Many individuals will simply wait for the area to dry, such as the carpet or furniture. This may seem like the logical thing to do, but again, mold thrives in our type of environment, and ignoring the issue may lead to greater difficulties down the road. If you’re experiencing water damage, or think you never appropriately took care of a prior water damage issue, call the best water damage restoration in Dania Beach. Our licensed general contractors can help rebuild your home or workplace, bringing it back to it’s former excellence, damage free.

Appliance Leak Dania Beach

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Water Damage Contractor in Dania Beach

January 11th, 2018 Posted by Dania Beach, Professional Mold Removal, Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration, Water Mitigation, Water Restoration 0 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Water Damage Contractor in Dania Beach”

Water damage is something most of us in our lifetimes experience, simply because there are so many different ways it can happen. From leaking pipes, to a hurricane flood, water damage in Florida isn’t a surprising concept, until it happens to you. At South Florida Water and Mold Restoration Inc., we deal with water damage regularly, and we understand how stressful this process can be on any property owner. Thankfully, there are specialized and skilled water damage contractors in Dania Beach ready to help repair your home or business back to it’s original state.

One idea we strongly advise against is repairing water damage as an individual without the proper knowledge and training. This is because there are multiple different factors to consider when dealing with water damage, and an incomplete clean up may resort in even worse problems in the future. Here are the top 5 reasons why we recommend using a water damage contractor.

Avoid Future Damage

We mentioned briefly that future damage could occur if the job isn’t done correctly. We are referring to the side effects of water damage such as mold and mildew. These two very unwelcome guests can create havoc in a home, and if water is left, these can grow extremely quickly, and can continue to breed and overtake any area. Mold and mildew are also harmful to ingest, and while mold lives in your home, it also can circulate through the air, causing illnesses and allergies. Another reason to consider acting quickly with a professional, is that water can deteriorate whatever it is in contact with, and if not dealt with immediately, the reconstruction only gets more difficult.

Safety First

Especially when dealing with a home, you’ll want to keep anyone who lives on the property as safe as possible. Allowing skilled professionals to assess and repair the damage keeps you out of harms way. Certain types of water damages, such as floods, can carry diseases, and certain types of mold such as black mold, can be a complicated form to deal with.

Efficiency Matters

One of the most important reasons to hire a water damage contractor is that we can guarantee that the process will be done in a timely manner, as well as being done correctly. This ensures that you and your family will get to be back in your home as soon as possible, and that you won’t have this same issue re-appearing later.

If you’re looking for a water damage contractor in Dania Beach, South Florida Water and Mold Restoration Inc. should be your first stop. With many years of experience and highly qualified licensed contractors, we can help you get your home back to being safe and secure.

Mold Specialist Dania Beach

Can a Mold Specialist in Dania Beach Help Me?

January 7th, 2018 Posted by Dania Beach, Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Mold Specialist, Professional Mold Removal, Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration, Water Mitigation, Water Restoration 0 thoughts on “Can a Mold Specialist in Dania Beach Help Me?”

Mold in South Florida is certainly not uncommon; in fact, it’s a normal occurrence. However, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. As any native knows, the humidity can be stifling and the rain can be plentiful. This then creates moisture in our homes and workplaces that can produce unwanted mold and mildew. If you’re having mold issues, South Florida Water & Mold Restoration Inc. can really help you out. It’s important to know that mold needs to be dealt with by a specialist. Many property owners think that when something destructive happens to their spaces, it’s easiest to simply do it themselves. However, mold in Dania Beach is a tricky subject and knowing that it will be dealt with once and for all can provide necessary peace of mind.

Why is Mold a Problem?

Mold can grow in many different types of ways. Some of the most common troubles come from leaks. A few examples of this would be:

Roof leaks
Broken Pipes
Air Conditioners
Washing Machine
Dish Washers
Kitchen Sinks

One of the other common misunderstandings is that many people think that mold is fairly harmless. This is actually not the case. Mold breeds quickly, taking over an entire space in no time. Homes for mold could be inside of walls, on the ceiling, or even in air conditioning vents. Because it lives frequently in air ducts, it can spread through your air conditioning system, causing some serious health and allergy related issues. This can sometimes seem like nothing, but trust us when we say that this is a problem you don’t want to leave for another day. As we also mentioned, handling mold on your own can create more issues if not dealt with properly. Black mold is one of the most aggressive forms, and when black mold is disturbed, it can unleash mycotoxins that can take over your home.

Proper Cleanup Requires a Mold Specialist

As professionals, we can help you tackle these invaders correctly. We offer a free inspection, which can give you a general idea regarding costs. This inspection helps us identify just how bad your mold issue is. We take into consideration how long the mold has been growing, how much space the mold has populated, and how visible the mold is. This will then allow us to build a plan that best fits your situation. At South Florida Water and Mold Restoration Inc., we know how stressful a mold infestation can be. It can also be a major concern to those with families, so getting the issue taken care of quickly is our main priority. If you’re in need of a mold specialist in Dania Beach, call us today. Mold isn’t something to wait around for!

Do I Have To Use The Insurance Company Preferred Vendors For My Property Loss?

August 7th, 2017 Posted by Mold Removal, News, Water Damage 0 thoughts on “Do I Have To Use The Insurance Company Preferred Vendors For My Property Loss?”

 When faced with an emergency water damage clean-up or fire/smoke damage to your property, who do you call… what should you do?  Many property owner’s call their insurance company since you purchased insurance to protect your home, why not get their advice on how best to minimize the damages considering you will want them to pay for the damages.

Some insurance company’s will respond with an offer to send one of their Preferred Vendors – “contractors” to provide the services you need. Many homeowners assume the insurance company’s suggestion of a contractor, is an implied endorsement of that contractor. It is also assumed that the contractor will provide a quality service as they are there to protect the property for the insurance company. Remember one thing, the vendor is Preferred by the insurance company, not by you!

Here is the question so many property owners ask….”Do I have to use my insurance company’s contractor?” The short answer is NO. One of the reasons you may opt out of using your insurance company’s suggested contractor, is you may not have control over how the work is managed or controlled and if you disagree with their approach, you may have little power to oppose them.

Here is a recent story of a contractor sent by an insurance company.  A property owner was on vacation for 8 days, upon return to the property, a puddle of water was discovered on the kitchen floor. This was the first indication of a water leak seen by the owner. At the time of the incident and when the claim was filed by the owner, the exact source of the leak was undetermined. The insurance company offered to send their contractor to perform the water damage cleanup and dry out. The property owner agreed to use this contractor with the belief they would handle the job properly and the insurance company would pay the contractor for the services easily since it was their contractor.

The outcome of this situation was nothing short of a nightmare to a property owner that didn’t have the experience to know better. The contractor placed dry out equipment in the affected areas and monitored the equipment every other day by testing the moisture content and humidity inside the property. The source of the leak was identified as a pipe leaking in the kitchen island sink area and a plumber was sent to repair the pipe.

After a couple days of dehumidifiers and fans running, the drywall and cabinetry should have showed signed of drying out. Instead, the affected areas remained very wet, and this contractor did not use the diagnostic monitoring data to determine that another ongoing leak from another source was continuous. Contrary to industry standards, the equipment remained on the property for 33 days when a typical dry out is 3-5 days. As a result of the mismanagement of the this water damage mitigation, the problem worsened over time, and now the water damaged areas have created a significant mold problem.

Although we are not suggesting all stories turn out this way, in this case, the property owner fully relied on the credibility of the contractor simply because the insurance company recommended them and the property owner complained thru-out the process but nothing was done.

In the end, the decision over choosing a contractor should always be the choice of the property owner since they will have to live with the outcome of the contractor’s work for many years to come. We can all agree that not having control over your restoration process can be frustrating and overwhelming.

We are here to help, not cause additional damage. We investigate the source of the leak, and it is our goal to ensure the leak has stopped so the damage will not continue. If you find yourself in need water damage restoration, fire/smoke restoration, mold remediation or reconstructive services, please call South Florida Water and Mold Restoration at 954-923-3340 for a fast and professional response.


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Water Damage Restoration Dania Beach

Living with South Florida Tropical Storms

August 1st, 2017 Posted by Mold Removal, News, Water Damage 0 thoughts on “Living with South Florida Tropical Storms”

 Living in South Florida, we experience tropical storms that roll in quickly, some which sit over us for a few days, and others that pack a strong wind gust along with constant rain. Sometimes, our homes are not equipped or prepared to handle the unforgiving rain that finds a way to penetrate thru a roof, a stucco crack, or any path of least resistance to get inside your property where it does not belong.

Our company, South Florida Water and Mold Restoration has a motto, “One Call Does It All” and what that means to you as a customer, is we can assist you with our resources to minimize the damage on any storm related problems or water intrusion. We can quickly tarp your roof to protect the property from further damage, we perform emergency water extractions 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can dry out wet building materials with our state of the art and updated commercial drying equipment and techniques and bill your insurance company. Our staff is trained on the use of thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters, and certified by the IICRC.

Further, since we are a full service company and a licensed General Contractor, we can restore your property quickly and assist you with your insurance claim and meet your adjuster to ensure you are paid sufficiently to pay for your damages. In addition, sometimes with little or no out of pocket expense to you.

If you have any questions about water damage, mold remediation or restoring your property, please give us a call at 954-923-3340.

Mold Remediation Dania Beach

The Importance of Reviewing Your Insurance Policy, Policy Limits and Coverage

July 31st, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “The Importance of Reviewing Your Insurance Policy, Policy Limits and Coverage”

 As we rapidly approach hurricane season, something to do ahead of time is to review your insurance policy, review the policy limits, and coverage. For example, many insurance companies are putting a limitation (“cap”) on the amount they will pay in the even of a water damage mitigation loss in your property in the amount of $3,000. Be familiar with this limitation so you are not responsible to be out of pocket for any expenses/costs related to a water damage, by taking certain precautions which our company will help guide you in the event of this type of emergency. Another suggestion, is consider all options in the event of a flooded home or broken pipe or leak, you do not have to use the insurance company’s preferred vendor if you choose to have more control over your claim.

We are also here to help you with your mold remediation needs, and General Construction rebuild or remodeling.

We are IICRC certified, and licensed by the State of Florida in mold remediation and General Construction.

Thanks for doing business with us.

Water Restoration Company Dania Beach

Fast Time Lapse Post Mold Remediation Carpet Installation

September 22nd, 2016 Posted by News, Water Damage 0 thoughts on “Fast Time Lapse Post Mold Remediation Carpet Installation”

The pool hall at a big community sustained a large water damage, and as a result of the existing glue down carpet had to be removed, and replaced. This involved having all pool tables professionally removed, and our carpet mechanics came in to expedite the repairs by installing brand new carpet which was paid for by the insurance company, with no out of pocket expense to our client.

One Call Does It ALL!

Water Heater Leaks in Condominium

September 15th, 2015 Posted by News, Water Damage 0 thoughts on “Water Heater Leaks in Condominium”

We have received many emergency water damage phones calls with regard to water heater leaks that occur from the upper floors of a condominium building. In many cases, if not detected immediately, this type of leak will affect the units below where the leak originated.

Even a small size water heater can hold 30 gallons of water and that much water can cause some serious damage. If the tank develops a leak, it could be a non-stop drip or stream of water being released until the tank is empty. However, if the leak goes undetected and the water shut-off valve is not closed immediately, the water in the tank will continue to replenish, making a huge mess especially if you not living there full-time to notice it.

Beside the water damage mess this can cause to your unit, you may also be liable for the water damage caused to all the units affected that are below you. As you know, water will continue to travel until it has found its resting place and we have seen as many as 10 units affected from one water heater leak. A leak of this type does not shrink or go away on its own, in time, it will get significantly work so it’s important to respond quickly to fix the problem.

Some of the signs of a leak from your hot water heater may include:

  1. Water on the floor around the hot water heater;
  2. Discoloration of the floor and/or wall around the hot water heater;
  3. Mold on the floor and/or wall around the hot water heater;
  4. A musty odor in the area where your hot water heater is located. A musty odor is a sign of mold, and if you smell that odor, it means you likely have mold somewhere in your home, even if you don’t see it. Since mold often grows in hard-to-spot areas, like inside walls, under carpet and linoleum, and inside heating and ventilation ducts, it’s not unusual to smell mold but not see it.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if your hot water heater is leaking or if something else is going on. Condensation around the hot water heater can sometimes make the floor wet and cause mold to begin to grow.

Once you have confirmed it is the water heater that is leaking, pay attention to the location of the leak, is it coming from the top or bottom of the heater?

Some things you should do immediately to prevent further damage:

  1. Turn the power off to the water heater at the circuit breaker – water and electricity are a dangerous combination;
  2. Turn off the water supply to the heater at the cold water shut off valve – most water heaters will have a valve located above the water heater (by code they are required to be here) that will shut off the water supply. This valve will either have a handle that you have to pull down, or a gate valve (essentially a dial) that you will have to turn clockwise to close. If you have a large, serious leak and cannot reach the water shut-off valve safely then you should find the main shut-off valve for the property and close it to stop the water supply to your water heater. Shutting the water off should slow and may even stop the leak depending on where it is coming from.

It is highly recommended that you call a professional plumber to repair the water heater.

If mold has not formed, but you have wet building materials such as drywall, baseboard, or a laminate floor, for example, it is a good idea to have a water damage mitigation specialist place air movers and dehumidifiers in the area of the leak to dry out the wet building materials before mold begins to grow.

Water Mitigation Company Dania Beach

Uncovering Hidden Mold

August 31st, 2015 Posted by Mold Removal, News, Water Damage 0 thoughts on “Uncovering Hidden Mold”

When we think about the areas where hidden mold can develop, there are many locations that may not be easily recognizable. Of course, if you have a leak on the bathroom floor or around a sink, you will see the leak, dry it up and minimize the damage it will cause. There are other leaks, however, that will be less recognizable, and one area that frequently goes unnoticed is under the kitchen sink.

Let’s consider how often we look, I mean, really look under the kitchen sink. This cabinet especially, is used as a storage area for cleaning supplies, garbage cans, etc. Typically, we open the sink cabinet to grab a cleaning product, it’s usually only open for a few seconds. Therefore, a leak in this area may go undetected until it’s too late and the cabinetry damage is beyond repair. Also, if the cabinetry remains wet for a period of time, it’s very likely that mold has begun to grow causing a mold issue in your home.

Some of the causes of a leak under your sink are:

  1. Water supply valves and lines: these valves and lines are constantly under pressure, so if one connection is loose or a water line has a small hair line crack, water will leak under the sink even when the faucet is in the off position.
  2. Handheld sprayer: a leak can occur on the water line that is attached to the kitchen sink causing water to leak down the water line and drip onto the cabinet bottom. Over time, the water will sit under items stored so it may not be noticeable in time to prevent damage.
  3. Drain pipes: if you have drain pipes made of metals like brass or copper, they can corrode over time and develop a leak. These drain pipes can also become loose and cause a big problem.
  4. P-trap: when this gets clogged, it can cause water to build all the way up your drains and create a leak somewhere along the way.

What should you do when you notice a leak under your kitchen sink?

We recommend you occasionally inspect the sink cabinet for any signs of water damage, warping of cabinet bottom, or any stains from water or mold. This area can be problematic as a continued leak under the sink can spread to adjacent cabinets and destroy all your lower cabinetry. Once water is trapped behind a cabinet, there is no air movement for it to dry out and is a perfect environment for mold to grow.

If you do notice a leak under your kitchen sink, turn off the water supply and contact a plumber immediately to stop the leak before it causes any further damage to your home. If you do have a mold problem, you want to be careful to remove mold safely. Once mold is disturbed, it will become airborne causing a contained issue limited to the cabinets to become an air quality issue which can affect the air you breathe and cross contaminate other areas of the home.

If you think you have a mold problem, and have already stopped the leak, CALL US at South Florida Water and Mold Restoration, Inc. – 954-923-3340 – for a FREE evaluation to determine the extent of damage and to discuss the best professional approach to minimize the damage in the most efficient and safe manner.

Mold Remediation Dania Beach


August 17th, 2015 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “MOLD REMEDIATION BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALS”

As our kids enter their 2015-2016 school year, and are no longer sitting home playing video games or traveling on vacation, it’s time to take care of any projects around the home like water damage restoration and repairs, mold removal/remediation and/or remodeling projects.

We understand that starting back to school can be stressful, and want to make it easy for you to start your next home project since you now have the time to focus on new projects. Therefore, we are offering some valuable back to school specials so you can save a few bucks while improving your property.

For the months of August and September, we will take 10-20% (conditions apply) off the overall price for any water damage or mold remediation service, and we will include a free tile and grout cleaning (up to 300 sf) for any mold remediation and reconstruction service combined.

If you smell or see mold in your home, we would like to offer you a FREE In-Home consultation and visual inspection to discuss any concerns you have.

Please call us at South Florida Water and Mold Restoration to take advantage of the back to school specials.

We can be reached at 954-923-3340 or

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call – ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!


FOR A LIMITED TIME – we will pay for a third party mold assessor to perform a 2- sample clearance test with the purchase of a mold remediation service (conditions apply) with our company. This is a $400 value.

Once you hire a licensed mold remediation company to resolve your mold issues, it’s critical that you hire a third party licensed mold assessor to perform mold clearance testing also known as Post Remediation Verification testing (PRV) once the work is complete. This test result is a crucial step in the mold remediation process as it will determine if the mold removal efforts were successful and if your property is returned to a normal air quality.

South Florida Water and Mold Remediation, Inc. utilizes licensed third-party mold assessor’s to perform thorough post-remediation evaluations of the areas treated. In addition, we guarantee a successful post remediation test by a third party mold assessor. If we fail the clearance test, we will send technicians back to the property to resolve any issues specified by the mold assessor. Further, we will be responsible for the payment of the cost to retest after a failed test result.

We will stand by our work and satisfy the requirements of the mold assessor so you can have some piece of mind that your project was completed properly.

Give us a call at 954-923-3340 or email us at

Professional Mold Removal Dania Beach

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