mold remediation companies
mold remediation companies

How long does it take to perform a mold remediation?

The extent of the problem and size of the property will be the main factor when determining the schedule and time frame for the work to be completed. Typically, the average mold remediation will take between 2-4 days, the larger the job, the more technicians we dedicate to the job to be completed in a short timeframe.

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Example Mold Remediation Project

The work always commences on a work day, and once the physical work is complete, we allow the air scrubbers to work for an additional day before the post remediation verification (PRV) test (aka clearance test) is performed. For example, if the scope of work requires 2 working days, on day 4 the PRV test would be taken, with the test results coming back sometime on day 5. The original schedule can change if unforeseen conditions exist causing more work to be performed than anticipated, however, that cannot be determined until the work commences.

Any reconstruction work would commence after the test results are received indicating the air quality is within normal levels, or back to a pre-loss condition. Since we are a State of Florida Certified General Contractor, we can provide you with any reconstruction services so you are working with one company throughout the restoration project.

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