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If there is visible mold, we can develop a mold remediation plan based on containment, equipment needed, and determining the dimensions of the building materials to be removed. Once we evaluate the extent of the remediation, we will present you with an estimate and price for the work. If you have insurance, we can offer direct billing to your insurance carrier provided the damage is the result of a covered loss. Sometimes, its necessary to have air quality test and protocol done to confirm the extent of the issue.

If mold is present but fully not visible, we would recommend a licensed mold assessor (who is not a remediator) perform air quality testing and write a protocol of the work to be done to eliminate the mold problem. If the air quality testing reveals a high mold spore count in the air you are breathing, then this tells us the air handler and ducts need to be cleaned as well, which is an additional expense to the mold removal.

The price depends on many factors, such as how many areas, the amount of building materials to be removed, and if the air handler and ducts will need to be cleaned. A small remediation could be in the price range of $1500-$5000 depending on the various factors that are specific to your mold remediation such as air handler and duct cleaning, amongst other things.

Most insurance policies have a separate coverage amount for mold remediation. However, the cause of loss must be a covered loss under the insurance policy. We will work with you and your insurance company to substantiate the claim and the work that is necessary. Many times, we will suggest air quality testing and a protocol to confirm the mold issue and to provide credibility to the claim.

When you smell mold but don’t see any mold, this is typically a humidity driven mold issue which could have developed due to a leak, the ac not being on for an extended period of time, or an issue within the ac system causing mold to cross contaminate various areas of the property. Sometimes, you will see a dusting on items such as fabrics, or shoes, and this is an indicator of settled mold spores that developed in the air and has settled onto surfaces. The only way to know the full extent of this type of mold issue, is thru air quality testing.

We are a State of Florida licensed General Contractor. We specialize in residential construction and remodeling. Our showroom, by appointment, is located in Dania Beach, and we have all types of flooring products, such as waterproof laminate/vinyl, carpet and tile, as well as a Kitchen and countertop display. We can offer all reconstruction services after a mold remediation is complete for a separate price.

If your air handler is in a small closet and had leaked, many times the leak goes undetected until there is an odor or it has manifested itself with visible mold. Once mold grows near an air handler, it’s possible for the air handler to pick up the elevated mold spores and cross contaminate other areas thru the duct system. 

Typically, its difficult to access drywall removal and replacement behind the tight spaces of an air handler. In this situation, the air handler would have to be detached by a licensed HVAC contractor to perform the mold remediation. After the mold removal is completed, and a post remediation clearance test is successful, then drywall can be installed, and painted, and the air handler reinstalled.

A typical mold remediation project will take between 4-5 days with post remediation testing.

We are not licensed to perform air quality testing and we feel it is a conflict of interest to test a property and perform mold remediation services on the same property tested. Therefore, we can only refer you to a licensed mold assessor.

If you are the property owner, we will provide you with a free consultation and estimate for your project.

Our mold remediation technicians are employees of the company, and the work is performed by the employees.

Once the insurance company pays you for a covered loss, they have activated coverage, therefore, if you have a mold issue related to the covered loss, and your policy includes mold remediation coverage, we should be able to help you get paid for a mold remediation with the proper approach

This depends on the extent of the work to be performed and the locations of the mold remediation. For example, if the mold issue is in the ac closet, and we have to remove your air handler and possibly your water heater, then you wont be able to stay in the property during the work. Or if the work being performed is located in an area where you will be coming in and out daily, the you would have to relocate
until the work is complete and tested.

If your mold concern is due to the ac unit or possibly mold contamination coming from the duct system, then you may also have an air quality issue. The only way to know for sure is to have it tested by a licensed mold assessor, and have a qualified NADCA certified and licensed HVAC company evaluated your HVAC system.

Bleach is not rated for microbial removal, basically it will turn the mold white so you wont see it but does not mean it is eliminated.

Mildew is not the same as mold. Mildew is something that usually can be wiped off a non porous surface, such as mildew on the grout in the shower from humidity or moisture.

The insurance companies work with their preferred vendor to control their bottom line. They may contract with a mold remediation company that works on volume business and, as such, they may not represent your best interests, as their client is the insurance company, not the insured. 

In order for you to control your project, its best that you research, and find a qualified mold remediation company that you are confident will protect you to the fullest extent. Also, finding a company that you feel you can work with and will provide you with the communication and skilled staff to complete your project to your satisfaction.

If you have mold remediation coverage on your policy, it is possible we can work with your deductible and help you to perform the work with our company with little or no money out of pocket. It really depends on many circumstances including the amount of your deductible and extent of your project.

There are many details that are considered when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. One of the owners of our company, Lisa, is very thorough with great design ideas, and will help you thru the entire process. She is knowledgeable and walk you thru the process, and guide you on the products that fit into your budget.