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Complete evaluation, mold remediation and reconstruction. We work with all insurance companies to assure there are no out-of-pocket expenses for you.

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Your property has developed mold.

Identifying the cause and the extent of the mold problem is critical.

Plus, an air quality test should be done. As a result, we can see how much work needs to be done. We would get a scope of work recommendation from from a licensed mold assessor.

The more you know about your mold issue, the better prepared you are to make the right decisions.

Once we know what needs to be done, we will prepare a detailed estimate for you.

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Professional Credentials and licensing is critical for safe mold remediation

South Florida Water and Mold Restoration has years of experience. Plus, we have the official qualifications and proper licensing. As a result, we are able to manage and conduct testing, remediation and reconstruction in the State Of Florida.

Mold can be a serious health hazard. In fact, breathing and ingesting toxic mold can be deadly. Consequently, removal and remediation of mold must follow a specific protocol.

Living in South Florida we see mold all around us. For instance, the pool and patio area may have mold. Plus, you may see those occasional small spots of mildew in the shower. However, you should not see mold growing on your ceiling. Additionally, mold should not be around your air conditioner vents. Unfortunately, if or discover it on carpet padding, under baseboards, or behind appliances that can be a bigger problem. For example, if it’s under your dishwasher, washing machine or kitchen sink it can be a health concern.

Sometimes its not visible at all.

Mold can live in air ducts or in your air conditioner’s drain pans and cooling coils. Plus, mold spores can breed and travel through your ventilation system. As a result, you may just notice a musty smell. Additionally, your allergy symptoms have been acting up. Also, it is possible that you may experience nothing at all.

You’ll need a trained, qualified, certified, licensed professional to eliminate the problem safely.

Our firm is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, (IICRC) in water damage restoration.

IICRC is the gold standard and the most widely recognized and accepted certification program in the industry.

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No Out Of Pocket Expenses. Insurance Coverage and mold remediation.

Insurance companies may deny, delay or underpay your claim. However, we understand how insurance companies work. As a result, we provide the guidance in this area. Plus, we work to get you the maximum amount. Consequently, we will be restoring your property to pre-loss condition or better. 

We’ll process the paperwork with the insurance company. As a result, most of the time there is no out of pocket cost to you.

We will work with your insurance adjuster to approve the work necessary and bill them directly. Consequently, there is usually with little or no money out of your pocket. 

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The Mold Remediation Process

A Mold Remediation Protocol Is Standard Procedure To Remove Toxic Mold Safely.

Our team of professional technicians have logged thousands of hours removing mold from residential and commercial properties. Once your FREE visual inspection is complete we can advise and coordinate your mold remediation process from a comprehensive and detailed written estimate to the 100% guaranteed clearance test.

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Complete restoration

Rebuild Better Than Before.

As State licensed General Contractors, South Florida Water and Mold Restoration will guide you through the selection process, explaining the materials and accessing the costs.

Because we truly do it all, the process is simplified. It’s like having a well-oiled machine that works in tune with you. You have one company working for you that takes on all of the responsibility and is accountable for the entire project. We will take care of everything from scheduling work crews, to ordering products and filing permits.

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