Mold Remediation Companies

mold remediation companies

Mold remediation companies in South Florida don’t always have the best reputation. Consequently, you always need to check reviews to help  find the best mold remediation company. Some people prefer to check Yelp Reviews and others like to check Google Reviews. Naturally, either of these sources would be helpful. Although we have excellent reviews, sometimes […]

6 Common Reasons You Have Mold in Your Home

mold in your home

Mold in your home is unsightly, damaging, and dangerous. It ruins the structural integrity of your walls and, if left untreated, it can even lead to health problems. Unfortunately, mold is often unavoidable. Even if you keep your house tidy and spotless, mold may be growing in unseen places. Once it comes to the surface […]

Do I Have To Use Insurer-Preferred Vendors?


When faced with an emergency water damage clean-up or fire/smoke damage to your property, who do you call… what should you do?  Many property owner’s call their insurance company since you purchased insurance to protect your home, why not get their advice on how best to minimize the damages considering you will want them to […]

Living with South Florida Tropical Storms

Tropical Storm repair company

Living in South Florida, we experience tropical storms that roll in quickly, some which sit over us for a few days, and others that pack a strong wind gust along with constant rain. Sometimes, our homes are not equipped or prepared to handle the unforgiving rain that finds a way to penetrate thru a roof, […]

Review Your Policy Coverage, Limits

remodeling company dania fl

As we rapidly approach hurricane season, something to do ahead of time is to review your insurance policy, review the policy limits, and coverage. For example, many insurance companies are putting a limitation (“cap”) on the amount they will pay in the even of a water damage mitigation loss in your property in the amount […]