mold remediation companies


mold remediation companies

It all depends on the extent of the mold in your home and the kind of damage it has caused. For example, a leak from the HVAC/air handler could cause mold to grow behind the AC unit on the drywall and baseboard. In order to access the area, and perform a proper mold remediation, the air handler would need to be removed by a licensed HVAC contractor in order to remove the affected building materials and to clean the affected area.

Once the remediation is complete, and a clearance test has been performed, the drywall (and painting) will need to be installed prior to reinstallation of the air handler. Therefore, it may be several days before you will have the air conditioning system up and running again. Without AC in South Florida, you may choose to move out during the mold remediation process.

Another example is when the bathroom or kitchen is affected. Although you may reside in the property during the work being performed, you may choose not to stay there if you don’t have a working bathroom or kitchen. In addition, there will be equipment running 24 hours a day until the mold removal is completed. Some homeowners complain of the noise, while some are unaffected by the inconveniences of the work being performed while they remain in the home.

If the mold has affected a large portion of your property, it may be absolutely necessary to move out during the remediation as it may not be possible to reside in the home if the scope of work is extensive. On the other hand, if the mold issue is limited to removing drywall that does not affect other living space being used, then you may continue to reside in the property during the mold remediation.

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