remodeling company dania fl

Review Your Policy Coverage, Limits

remodeling company dania fl

As we rapidly approach hurricane season, something to do ahead of time is to review your insurance policy, review the policy limits, and coverage. For example, many insurance companies are putting a limitation (“cap”) on the amount they will pay in the even of a water damage mitigation loss in your property in the amount of $3,000. Be familiar with this limitation so you are not responsible to be out of pocket for any expenses/costs related to a water damage, by taking certain precautions which our company will help guide you in the event of this type of emergency. Another suggestion, is consider all options in the event of a flooded home or broken pipe or leak, you do not have to use the insurance company’s preferred vendor if you choose to have more control over your claim.

We are also here to help you with your mold remediation needs, and General Construction rebuild or remodeling.

We are IICRC certified, and licensed by the State of Florida in mold remediation and General Construction.

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