mold in your home

6 Common Reasons You Have Mold in Your Home

mold in your home

Mold in your home is unsightly, damaging, and dangerous. It ruins the structural integrity of your walls and, if left untreated, it can even lead to health problems.

Unfortunately, mold is often unavoidable. Even if you keep your house tidy and spotless, mold may be growing in unseen places. Once it comes to the surface in the form of ugly, velvety stains on your wall, it’s too late to prevent it.

Below, we lay out the 6 common causes of mold in your home.

1. Leaky Pipes or Roof

Mold caused by leaky pipes and roofs is hard to avoid because it happens inside your walls, ceiling, or attic—places you are unaware of until a stain appears. If you have an attic, check it regularly for signs of leakage or wear-and-tear on your roof. For your walls, find out where your pipes are running and monitor those spots for any signs of discoloration.

2. Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation is an excellent producer of mold in your home. Stagnant air in your home creates moisture build-up, which quickly turns into a breeding ground for mold spores. This is especially common in rooms that already receive a lot of moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

3. Condensation Build-Up

Condensation build-up results from poor ventilation or dramatic temperature differences. For example, in the summertime, the cool air inside your home will press against the heat of your windows, and condensation will build up around your window frames. Overtime, this will cause mold around the windowsills and inside the walls. These pockets of condensation can also be found inside your bathroom, cabinets, and other cool surface areas.

4. Rusty Water Heater

If your water heater is rusty, water could be seeping through and onto the floor. The pooling hot water is an excellent source for mold growth. Because water heaters are typically located out of sight in a home, this mold can spread rapidly without homeowners realizing. Before you know it, the mold is not only on the floor, but climbing up the walls behind the heater.

5. Your AC Unit

In Florida, AC is something that is used nearly year-round. Because of this, mold from a leaky AC unit forms quickly thanks to dripping water. AC closets, too, can experience rapid mold growth due to leaks and condensation build-up in a small, dark area. Ensure that your AC ducts and pipes are fitted tightly and that there is no moisture forming on the unit. Take notice if you ever smell the musty scent of mold.

6. Water around the Foundation

Florida receives a lot of rain, which leads to spots of wet earth and dampness around our homes. If there are areas around your house where rainwater lays stagnant, this will become an easy nesting ground for mold spores. This mold can eventually seep into your walls and to the inside of your home.

Mold is a common nuisance in homes and not always preventable. If one of these 6 common causes has created mold in your house, contact us. We tackle mold damage quickly and efficiently. When you use us, one call does it all!

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