water damage restoration company

Water Damage Restoration Company

water damage restoration company

Water damage requires quick action – regardless of whether it occurs suddenly or has developed gradually over a longer period.

The most common causes include small and large pipe damage, penetrating rain, or extinguishing water. Other causes include flooding or other types of storms. Additionally, many people get water damage from a blocked drain on their air conditioner. Naturally, this damage can be in commercial buildings, homes or condos.

The type of restoration needed is just as varied as the causes of the damage. However, we have powerful drying equipment for all situations.

For example, it may be necessary to uncover water pipes to eliminate leaks. It may also make sense to remove wallpaper to ensure that walls and components dry as effectively as possible.

Get Professional Help Today

If you have water damage call our water damage restoration company today! No matter what caused the water damage, hiring professional hands guarantees an optimal solution.

How does a water damage restoration company work?

There is a fixed procedure for how trained specialists proceed in the event of water damage. These steps are necessary so that you can enjoy your condominium, home or office again sustainably and in the long term – without moisture and mold:

  1. Immediate measures to limit the damage

A water damage restoration company will help you IMMEDIATELY to limit the damage! Here, every minute counts to keep the damage as low as possible. The professionals will remove the water with water suction devices and use dryers and fans.

  1. Damage assessment (documenting the damage)

The water damage restoration company can also help record the damage. Before then, you’d have already explained the first data during your first telephone call with the company. Afterward, the water damage restoration experts document further details of the damage on-site with photos and measurements of the moisture.

One Call Does it All!

As a home, condo or commercial building owner: your building insurance and/or household contents insurance company needs to be aware of the damage. Naturally, our company will assist with the paperwork and bill your insurance company directly.


As a tenant: your landlord or property manager needs to be aware of the damage. The building manager would hire our company to resolve the problem.


NOTE: Do not begin repairs before reporting the damage. However, your insurance company will require you to mitigate the damage. Naturally, you can stop more damage from taking place. Just don’t make repairs until your insurance company has seen the damage.

  1. Leak detection

We can use leak detection equipment to find the source of a leak. Oftentimes, the cause of the damage cannot be identified directly. For example, if a pipe in the wall has broken, you can’t easily localize that. However, by using modern equipment and methods, professionals locate the cause of the damage as precisely and non-destructively as possible.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

If the location of the leak is identified, the effort required to uncover and repair the leak can be reduced to a minimum.

  1. Mold Treatment

Mold is often the result of improperly remediated or undetected water damage. They can pose significant health risks due to toxic mycotoxins (mold toxins) in the air. Severe respiratory infections, allergies, and infectious fungal diseases of the skin (mycoses) are conceivable.


Experts will clarify the cause of the mold formation and provide sensible recommendations for action for mold remediation.

  1. Dismantling

Before the water damage restoration company can completely remove and dry the water damage, they have to dismantle the affected area. For example, in certain cases, parquet, laminate, screed, wall plaster, insulating material, or even underfloor heating pipes have to be removed.


This is necessary so that they can clean up the water damage from scratch. Otherwise, there will still be problems in the long run.

  1. Drying (removing all moisture)

A water damage restoration company will help to remove the moisture from your ceilings, walls, and floors with specialized drying equipment. Consequential damage such as mold growth or damage to the building fabric is thus avoided.


There are a wide variety of drying devices, such as:


  • adsorption dryer,
  • refrigeration dryer,
  • microwave dryer or
  • supporting devices such as infrared systems,
  • construction fans,
  • electric heater


Water damage restoration companies also use large-scale drying systems for industrial halls and micro-systems for minor damage.


NOTE: Just because it looks dry on the surface, it may still be wet on the inside. Water damage often goes deep into the building material. Thoroughness is therefore the be-all and end-all.

  1. Refurbishment (restoring the original condition)

In the final step, a few water damage restoration professionals will restore your apartment or house to its original condition. Our company will take over the coordination of the entire renovation for you after water damage has been repaired – so that you quickly feel comfortable again in your apartment or house. We are one of the few South Florida water damage restoration companies that is also a General Contractor. Consequently, we are able to say in our slogan, “One call does it all” since we can get everything dry and rebuild as necessary.

Odor neutralization as part of water damage restoration

Moisture and water damage are often accompanied by unpleasant odors.


This applies equally to office buildings and homes. Water damage restoration companies such as ours, also offer professional odor neutralization. This effectively eliminates odors. Whether mold, bacteria, urine, adhesives, or nicotine.

Untreated Water Damage Quickly Becomes a Mold Remediation Problem

The odor neutralizers suck in the unpleasantly smelling air and oxidatively break down the microorganisms, pollutants, bacteria, and the likes that it contains.

Don’t ignore water damage, hire an expert water damage restoration company! Untreated water damage quickly becomes a mold remediation problem.

When it comes to water damage, a small cause often leads to major inconveniences. Don’t wait for toxic black mold to show up. Get in touch with a water damage restoration company.

Water Damage Restoration Company

As a drying specialist, we are specialists in water damage restoration and will provide you with reliable support with the right methods in the event of damage.


Whether it’s a burst water pipe, heavy rain, flooding, or wetness from extinguishing water after a fire.


Contact South Florida Water and Mold Restoration, Inc now and avoid high costs due to consequential damage!


What to do with wet books, files, or paper?

As a first immediate measure to eliminate water damage, we recommend separating damp paper from the unaffected books, files, or documents.


Sort out the documents that are worth preserving and keep them as cool as possible, because there is a risk of mold forming here.

Costs associated with water damage restoration

Water damage can be very easy, but it can also be very difficult to repair. If only the drying and painting of the room are required, the restoration is of course cheaper. If walls have to be pried open, pipes replaced and expensive equipment used, higher costs arise.

How long does it take before you can start renovating after water damage?


This depends on the extent of the water damage and the “reaction time”. If you have a lot of damage, it can take a few weeks before repairs can begin.


In the case of only superficial “moistening”, infrared heaters do a good job and shorten the period until renovation after water damage to one to two weeks.


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