Mold Remediation Back To School Special

As our kids enter their 2015-2016 school year, and are no longer sitting home playing video games or traveling on vacation, it’s time to take care of any projects around the home like water damage restoration and repairs, mold removal/remediation and/or remodeling projects. We understand that starting back to school can be stressful, and want […]

Providing A Great Customer Experience

South Florida Water and Mold Restoration

Living in South Florida, we have grown accustomed to variations in customer service expectations. This area of Florida is like a melting pot of different people from all over the world who have various experiences in giving and receiving customer service so the standard of customer satisfaction will be completely different for everyone depending on […]

Toxic Black Mold Removal

South Florida Water and Mold Restoration

Living in South Florida, mold is present all around us, it can develop from leaves decaying, or grass being cut, however, this type of mold referred to as penicillum/aspergillus is typically harmless in low levels. There are so many varieties of mold but only certain species can be considered harmful to your health, and result […]

Mold Removal Hollywood Broward County

Experiencing a mold problem in South Florida is quite common.  Many of the Condominium owners in Hollywood are seasonal, so they travel to the area on a part-time basis, leaving their property entrusted to others to watch over. If a small leak occurs from a pipe in the wall, or a water heater, or any […]

Mold and Cabinetry

Cabinetry is a common place to find mold especially under a sink cabinet. Typically, there are quite a few water sources in a kitchen such as a dishwasher, faucet, and garbage disposal, or ice maker line that can fail and cause a flood or slow steady leak. When cabinetry is built-in, a leak isn’t detected very easily […]