Miami Mold Remediation

South Florida Water and Mold Restoration is a local restoration company serving the Miami area specializing in mold remediation, water damage and general construction. We appreciate the opportunity to bring our well trained and experienced mold remediation staff to your Miami home or Miami property to perform professional mold removal. Our firm is familiar with […]

How Do I Know If I Have Mold?

If you have asked yourself this question before, you are not alone; we receive calls from South Florida homeowners quite often asking the same question just because they are not sure. Your home may have a musty smell, or you could be experiencing mold symptoms such as runny nose, headaches, or allergies.  One thing we […]

South Florida Water Damage

south florida water damage

South Florida Water Damage and Mold Growth Experiencing a water heater leak or any other South Florida water damage can be very frustrating. For example, the water can leak inside the wall detected and travel around the perimeter.  Consequently, it becomes visible either by evidence of standing water, or by visible mold growth. For example, […]

How long does it take to perform a mold remediation?

How long does it take to perform a mold remediation? The extent of the problem and size of the property will be the main factor when determining the schedule and time frame for the work to be completed. Typically, the average mold remediation will take between 2-4 days, the larger the job, the more technicians […]


On July 1, 2011, the State of Florida passed a law requiring anyone performing mold remediation or mold assessment to attend required educational classes, and apply to the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation for licensure. The Florida Legislature found it necessary in the interest of the public safety and welfare, to […]